This list is subject to change, and in no way an obligation the features will appear in a release.

Use the issue tracker to propose new features.

Version 1.4

  • Refactor Add / Edit issue page to two separate pages
    • Create simple issue entry page (title, description, attachment)
    • Prepare for customized new issue page

Version 1.5

  • General bug fixes
  • Database consistency fixes
  • Improvements for Azure support
    • Installation improvements
    • Migration to universal / default membership providers

Version 1.6

  • ASP.NET Social auth
  • Improvements for mobile devices
  • Implement Twitter bootstrap (UI overhaul)
  • Rewritten / Friendly URL’s
  • Notification settings

Version 1.7

  • Re-factor the data layer to use Entity Framework, Unit of Work and Repository design patterns (parallel development)
  • REST API (parallel development)

Version 1.8

  • Full text search using Lucene.NET
  • Plugins
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