To configure windows authentication you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your BugNET installation as the admin account
  2. Add a new user in the format DOMAIN\username that you wish to be the admin and add them to the super users role.
  3. Change the authentication in the web.config to windows authentication
<authentication mode="Windows"/> 
  1. In IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003 & XP): Edit the configuration for the virtual directory uncheck anonymous access and make sure windows authentication is checked.


  1. In IIS7 (Vista and Windows Server 2008): Make sure that anonymous authentication is set to disbled and windows authentication is set to enabled.


  1. Visit the application with the logged on domain user that you created earlier and you should have admin access now.

Configuring Active Directory

To enable seamless creation of users from Active Directory or Windows SAM when they visit the application then you will need to perform these additional steps.

  1. Log into the BugNET issue tracker as an administrator
  2. Goto the Administration -> Application Configuration -> Authentication Settings section.
  3. Set your User Account Source, Active Directory or Windows SAM
  4. Enter your domain without the suffix in the Domain field. i.e For you would enter MyDomain
  5. If your domain needs authentication to lookup users enter the username and password in the proper fields
  6. Locate the AuthenticationModule http module tag in the web.config and uncomment it.
	  <!-- BugNET HttpModules -->
	  <add name="AuthenticationModule" type="BugNET.HttpModules.AuthenticationModule, BugNET.HttpModules.Authentication" />
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